Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today I had to take a trip to Wolvercote which is a few miles out of Oxford. It is a beautiful place and here too is a favourite restaurant we go to often.The meadows are ablaze with flowers and trees full of blossom. I so enjoyed seeing this again.

After I had finished my appointment I took a  bus into the city centre. I liked the idea of an hour or two browsing the stores. As we approached the city centre we passed by the hospital I had worked at for some years. This hospital relocated it's services to the John Radcliffe in 2006 and this meant a move for all the staff. A time of great change and apprehension for everyone.The hospital was bought by the University. As we passed by I was filled with fond memories of my time spent nursing my patients there. This was a wonderful and a really nice place to work .The building it itself was old but the inside was so welcoming and friendly. So many memories filled my mind just by driving past-fun times,happy times,sad times,challenging times and so much more. Thoughts of how I had loved working at this hospital and how I have been on a journey in my nursing life too. Working my way to promotion over the years and now a Ward Manager. Never ever losing the focus of why I was there-my patients. My goal to make a difference to someones day every single day! So for me it was wonderful to see the hospital again!

I wanted to share some pictures of Oxford and one of the colleges and the John Radcliffe hospital.


  1. Good Day Linda :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog :) Wow, your photos are just beautiful! It must be so lovely in England. I'm glad that you had a nice trip and even more special seeing the hospital :) I am sure that you were so encouraging and loving to your patients :)

    I hope that today is a better day for you. We all struggle with being down from time to time, BUT thank God that He is right there to pick us up again :)

    May you have a blessed day in Him :)

  2. Beautiful post! Thank-you for sharing your heart and the pictures. Wishing you a great day! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures Linda! And "make a difference to someones day every single day!" What an awesome goal that all of us can make. Very inspiring Linda! :) Hope you have a great day!

  4. Beautiful photos, Linda....thank you for sharing! I'm amazed at the history in the buildings....we are so young here in America! I hope to be able to visit one day but until then I'll pretend through your photos :)


  5. HI Linda!
    Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday. Thank you for sharing these lovely pics and memories.
    God bless you!!
    love and hugs

  6. Such beauty is to be found in England!! I love the history there and the old buildings...so pretty! How wonderful that you had a chance to be a nurse in such a lovely spot! I am sure all your patients were blessed to have you treating them...such a beautiful attitude of what your calling was to them!

    Blessings to you today!

  7. Hi Linda! I LOVED your photos! England really does have such a beauty. It makes me want to get out all of our photos fromt the years we lived there. The best part of all of that though - meeting YOU.

    I can only imagine the feelings & reflection that seeing 'your' hospital brings. Praying for you Linda as you seek where you are to go. Love you!

  8. I love the picture of the big old tree. I wonder how old it is? Wow.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your day!


  9. Oh I just love these photos, my husbands grandparents are from Oxford, married there and then went to Canada, then to the U.S. they died in the states. So this area has some meaning to me, thank you for posting this.
    Hugs Barbara