Friday, July 30, 2010


It has been over two weeks since I last posted.I have been having a busy time as my daughter gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Taio James on the 15 th July. My daughter had a difficult and long labour and has had some problems since with an infection and is needing support and help as she recovers.
Taio is beauitful and I will be posting photos soon,as yet not uploaded onto my computer.
I would like to share the following bible verse:

" And ye shall seek me,and find me,when ye shall search for me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29 :13
This is a beautiful verse and reminds me that today I will look for God, in all of my gifts, the smile of a child, the warmth of the sun, and the meaning of the cross.
And some quotes:
"A garden of love grows in a grandmother's heart."  Author Unknown

"Nana never runs out of hugs or cookies."  Author Unknown
"Grandmother-a wonderful mother with lots of practice." Author Unknown

                                  A photo of my beautiful grandson Taio 3 days old

And a  photo of Natalie and James the proud parents.


  1. What a cool name! My grandson who is 2 is Matteo and we call him Teo. I hope your daughter will soon feel better. It is heavy on a mother's heart when our children are hurting, especially in childbirth. What a beautiful baby!
    I love that scripture passage also. I reminds me to always continue to seek the Lord in everything.

  2. Hi Linda, congratulations on your new baby grandson, he is just precious. Is his name pronounced Tay-o? or Tee-o?
    I'm sorry your daughter had a hard time, I know I did too so I feel for her. I hope she is feeling better soon. What a blessing for you to be there for her. My family was miles away from me at the time.
    Can't wait to see more pics.


    Sorry to hear of your daughter having such a hard time, but PRAISE GOD, they are both here!


  4. Yes first congratulations, then to say he is so beautiful, that head of hair to die for, so precious, and praying that your daughter will be well some an all the infection will leave, I know you are enjoying your time spent with them hugs my friend, and be blessed, Barbara

  5. How precious he is Linda! Such a gorgeous little boy!! I will pray for your girl as it must be so difficult to be ill at such a time!! How wonderful that you are able to be a help and support to them at this special time.


  6. Linda, Welcome back to blogland! I have missed your posts, but know that you have been so busy with Taio & Nats. I love all the pics you have sent me...hope to get many, many more (hint). Love the verses you have shared today too. Love you Linda! You are a blessing to my life!

  7. Congrats on your new grandson!! And hope your daughter will be better soon!!


  8. Congratulations Linda! It's so nice to meet you. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I look forward to browsing yours...Being a grandma is wonderful! Blessings, Patty the peace in the verse you chose.

  9. What a beautiful grandson you have there! Praying for quick and complete healing for your daughter!

  10. He is just beautiful. May God be gracious to Taio and bless him and make His face shine upon him. amen amen amen

  11. Linda,

    What a precious gift from God! He is beautiful!! Relish in him, my friend. Big hugs to mom and dad.

    Blessings to you!

  12. Your granddson is beautiful. I know you are a proud grandma now. Congrats.

    Hope your daughter does better with each new day.


  13. You family is certainly blessed having you around! What a great mom and grandma you are! Your grandson is adorable! I can't wait to see more pics!

  14. Taio is beautiful...or maybe I should say very handsome! You are going to love being a is one of the greatest gifts God gives us...I speak proudly as I have 6 of my own! Enjoy that little one every minute you can!

  15. What a beautiful boy--and what lovely parents! It's true about grandmothers. I have 3 grandchildren, and they are my heart.