Thursday, July 21, 2011


I received this quote today in my inbox and I really liked it! I wanted to share this with you all. I have collected quotes for many years and I have thousands of them! Incredible when I think of this. I hope I can get to posting a whole bunch of them here at some point. These quotes contain so much wisdom.

"Your heart is not the compass that God steers by." Samuel Rutherford



  1. Very good Linda, yes I too love some of the old quotes, have a very blessed day.

  2. I collect quotes too and find much wisdom in them, including this one you share here.

  3. You know already that I am a collector of
    quotes too. This one is definitely going
    to be added to my journal.
    Hope all is well your way as I have
    been missing you.

  4. I love quotes too! This is a really good one and I love the pictures!


  5. Great quote, Linda! Reminds me of the verse in Jeremiah about our hearts being deceitful and desperately wicked...God knows what's truly best for us, our hearts don't!

    Hope you're doing well and having a blessed summer! Hugs!

  6. Hi Linda,
    I thought of you this evening and decided to give you a visit.

    How have you been?

    The quote you shared here is a good one. It is worth keeping, and remembering!

    THe pictures you posted here are all beautiful.

    Missing you...


  7. Oh, I love quotes, especially those that are from C.S. Lewis!

    I pray you are doing well. Life here has been HECTIC to say the least, but we are all surviving. PTL we've made it through a 6.0 earthquake, a 4.5 aftershock, and are now awaiting the arrival of hurricane Irene in a few days. It makes you put things into perspective!

    God bless~

  8. Oh thank goodness for that!! Our hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked...what a blessing that the LORD is Sovereign and in complete control of everything!!

    It's lovely to *see* you again my friend.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Many blessings,