Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today is a day of much reflection and looking over my memories. I have been looking at pictures of my family and remembering my mother today. Today would have been her birthday and she passed when she was in her early fifties and suffered for many years from Multiple Sclerosis.I am remembering how her life had been-falls and problems and illness for so many years. This culminated in her spending her life in a young chronic sickness unit for 14 years.I am thinking of the joy and happiness in her eyes when we would go to visit here and share our day with her. I can remember visiting her on my wedding day in my dress as did my sister too when she married.We always wanted to share our days and moments with her. I have a beautiful memory of when I gave birth to my daughter Natalie and a nurse brought my mother in a wheelchair to the ward to see me. How I treasure this memory.She had been unable to walk for some years and could only move her head. Her speech was slurred due to her illness but her mind was sharp!

My sister and I also had her come to the house one day for dinner in her wheelchair and the staff arranged this day for her. I have photos of this day as she held my daughter a few months old in her arms helped by me. Wonderful and precious memories!! Memories are always there for us and we can look at them as often as we like. So many years ago now and still as poignant as ever.

Remembering you today my dear mother on your birthday. Holding you in my heart forever! Love you so much!

Here are some photos of my sweet and precious grandchildren:


  1. Oh, are truly BLESSED!

    You have a beautiful family!


  2. What sweet memories! Happy Birthday to your momma!!!
    Your granddaughters are absolutely beautiful!!!

  3. Hi Linda! Your post brought me to tears. What precious, sweet memoires you have of your Mom! When you went to her so that she could see you in your wedding dress...well that just make my eyes spill over with tears! Your memories are so beautiful. I would love to see the picture of her holding Natalie. If you can, please email it to me.

    Loved all the photos...Laura's children are so adorable. I can't wait to see Nat's & James' little boy. Love you Linda...& think of you on this reflective day.

  4. Hi Linda,
    What precious memories you have of your Mom, bless you for sharing her with us.

    Love all the photos of your grandchildren, they are all so sweet.

    I am sorry I haven't been to visit lately, but my computer was broken. I am happy to say it is ok now!

    Take care Linda, have a wonderful week.

    love and hugs

  5. Lovely post Linda, brought tears to my eyes as I read about your sweet mom. Your so right, our memories are precious. I've been doing alot of reflecting to these last several weeks prior to my son's wedding. I cherish the memories.

    Hope your having a blessed sweet day!