Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God's Beauty

It is such a beautiful day today-warm and sunny!! A surprise after days of much rain and umbrella use!!
I love these sunny days and taking trips to the countyside. Since I have been off work after my illness and subsequent surgery I have been able to venture out and visit different places. I will miss doing this as I will be at work in my job as a nurse once again and my hours will  return to unsocial. How I loved those days of walking in the country and beside lakes and rivers and enjoying the beauty all around me! The Lord had to slow me down and show me just what is important! My lesson was a painful one but I thank Him!

A bible verse that comes to mind is:

"Apply thine heart unto instruction,and thine ears to the words of knowledge."
                                                            Proverbs 23:12

I am also reminded of a quote I like:

"Change your thoughts and change your world."
                                    Norman Vincent Peale

How very true for me, as my thoughts changed then so did my world!!  The discovery was that for so long I had missed all this beauty!

For me it was a matter of changing how I viewed my leisure time. My work was taking up so much of my time and the Lord wanted to change this and remind me of His beautiful world! And now I have so many photos of my trips out and new places visited and this has been such a wonderful experience!! It was a matter of getting  my attention and getting my priorities in the right place.

I would like to include some photos of Harcourt Aboretum in Oxford-a beautiful and peaceful place. So many flowers and trees from all over the world.The magnolia trees were just magnificent and the daffodils everywhere!! A wonderful place to just walk through and admire nature and listen to the birds chirping. Not to forget the wonderful plumage of the many peacocks walking around.


  1. these are beautiful pictures. I love being outside. Love beling in nature....thanks for sharing this. Sarah

  2. Hi Linda! So strange, as when I checked your blog, this post didn't show - yesterday's did. Even today, I checked, & it was still yeseterdays??? So strange.

    I love all the photos you shared in this post. Very lovely! I still think you want to change in that scenery for Vegas. :-) Love you Linda!!