Wednesday, June 2, 2010


On my mind today I have been thinking of how friendship is one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon us. To make friends is very easy but finding a loyal and true friend who will give us a lasting and fulfilling friendship is where the challenge lies. It does not matter where we go or who we become we must never forget the dear friends who have helped us to get there.
So having said that I would like to say that there is never a wrong time to pick up the telephone and call. There is never a wrong time to send a message. Never a wrong time to send an e-mail. Or to snail mail- don't we all love to get letters and cards via the post-so much better than bills!!? How all of this can brighten a day!! I love those letters you did not expect when the mailman arrives! And how those unexpected phone calls have made my day and touched my heart! I have walked on clouds for the rest of the day!!

So tell your friends how much you have missed them and let them know how much you love them. Stay close to your friends and always remember that they have helped to make you the person you are today! Sometimes I think we just do not do this enough. Those special words are so welcome and really warm a friends heart.

To all my friends-I love you and I thank you! I am so blessed to know you and to have you in my life!

and a few words to a very special friend:

To my sweet and treasured friend Judy. We have been friends for many many years and for some of our friendship an ocean has separated us.Our friendship is stronger than ever. No matter how long it has been since we last saw each other we pick up as if we have never been apart.You have been the biggest blessing in my life and how I thank God for you.As you have told me so often we ride the rollercoaster together. This has been one of laughter,joy,pain,tears,happiness,thankfulness and hundreds of other emotions. You have stood faithfully by me and your unfailing love and friendship has brought me safely through so many valleys. We have also enjoyed being together on that mountain top many many times! There is so much more I could write here but it would turn into a book!!Judy you have always been there for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love you dearly my forever friend!

I would like to share a bible verse:

"A friend loveth at all times,and a brother is born for adversity."
Proverbs 17:17

and a beautiful writing on friendship:

Some Friends Are Forever

Sometimes in life
you find a special friend.
Someone who changes your life
by being part of it.
Someone who makes you laugh
until you can't stop.
Someone who makes you believe
that there really is
good in the world.
Someone who convinced you
that there is a locked door
just waiting for you to open it.
This is forever friendship.....
When you are down
and the world seems dark and empty.
Your forever friend lifts you up in spirits
and makes that dark
and empty world
suddenly bright and beautiful.
Your forever friend gets you through
the hard times,
the sad times,
the confused times.
If you turn and walk away
your forever friend follows.
If you lose your way,
your forever friend guides you
and cheers you on.
Your forever friend holds your hand
And tells you that
everthing is going to be okay.
And if you find such a friend,
you feel happy and complete,
because you need not worry.
You have a forever friend for life.
And forever has no end!

Author Unknown

And I would like to share some photos of a trip to the countryside: These are of the River Thames in Oxfordshire.


  1. Never a bad day to expend some energy on a friend... why do we put it off?

    I have some good, soul friends as well and try to let them know how much I appreciate them on a regular basis, but not nearly as much as I need to.

    Have a blessed day across the ocean. I love seeing the beauty of your country via these pic's.


  2. What a beautiful place to visit today. A good reminder on the blessing of friendship, and some gorgeous pictures to boot! You are so blessed to have friends and beauty...

  3. Linda, you are so right, it is never to much to take time/have time for a friend. We all need them. And your treasure friendship with Judy is understandable. She is a gem. I love her to death. Such a wonderful soul.

    I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful pictures. I loved living in England and miss the countryside. I lived there for three years in the Yorkshire Dales.

    Hope your having a blessed day!

    BTW, thanks for stopping in and visiting with me.

  4. Hi Linda - what a sweet, sweet post. Of course, you brought me to tears when I read your thoughts about me. I would have not chosen to be anywhere else but right by your side Linda. We are forever friends, & I thank God for you. We are grown together, & will continue to share this life & growth together. It would be ever more so if I could convince you to move here!!! :-) What a lovely poem too Linda - & one so true. Thank your for sharing your thoughts today - you are so right in all that you said. We must never take our friends for granted. They are one of God's greatest gifts. I love you!

  5. I wrote about this not too long ago on my blog. Friendship is like a garden which is cared for by more than one gardener. The garden is divided by fences and no amount of tending to the flowers by one gardener will take care of the flowers on your side. The fences are distance, seasons, special circumstances, etc. We must tend to this special garden called friendship with consistency and loving care. I agree that it's never too much to send someone you love a quick note or call.

    Thank you for stopping by my place earlier this week. Love visiting. ;)

    My love and blessings to you dear friend.

  6. You are so right about friends. It is a very valuable part of our lives and should be treated as such. Loved the poem and even more beautiful pictures!