Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garden Days

Today I would like to share some photos of my back garden. I love nature and countryside walks and I love my garden!! I am sharing the garden in different seasons.

These are views I see from my kitchen window though different seasons. I often see robins and many other types of birds and in Winter squirrels come each day too! The budlea tree when in bloom attracts so many pretty butterflies too. I am so often out in the garden clicking away with the camera and I have so many beautiful photos.

I love flowers and always look foward to Spring when buds appear on the trees and snowdrops appear and then the primroses and daffodils! Glorious colours everywhere!


  1. What a beautiful garden you have. It has tremendous beauty in every season. You got some really gorgeous pictures!

  2. Linda, what a view from your kitchen window! Your garden would be such a serene place to go out & sit in. I can see why you love taking pics out there. I remember when you sent me the snowy ones! Unreal! Sending you big hugs from across the ocean! I love you Linda.

  3. Hi Linda,
    just wanted to stop in and wish you a wonderful weekend. I love your garden photos, especially the snowy ones. Once it starts to heat up here in TX I always wish we lived somewhere where I could look forward to a snowy winter!

  4. You have a beautiful garden! What a great reminder that God ordains Spring to come again after the cold barren winter.

    Rich blessings to you!

  5. I *love* british gardens...something very pretty about them! Yours is no exception...the hedge is lovely! Snow is so beautiful on the trees...don't you think? Thanks for sharing your garden with all of us. :)


  6. Linda...I am missing your posts. Don't disappear on us. :-) Love you!