Friday, July 2, 2010

Dear Lord

For today I would like to share an inspirational writing:
"Dear Lord, help me to understand as I kneel to pray,

That you, indeed will answer it though there are several ways.

The first of course,is obvious,the one we most like to receive.

If everyone got a "yes" to their prayers it would be easy to believe.

But Father, there are two more ways you may handle my appeal.

So, please, don't let your denial dampen my spiritual zeal.

For you alone can see beyond the benefits I ask for,

So help me take"no" for an answer,when you decide to slam the door.

And don't let me forget the third way you may answer my request,

Because you know exactly the time that it would benefit me best.

You see,the hardest answer of them all,develops true virtue,

For we develop patience Lord when we wait on you.
Beth Fisher
I really like this beautiful writing and I think we can certainly relate this to our own lives when the answer to our prayers is not as we expected.

And some photos: I love to share photos of my family so here is Callum my lovely grandson:

Charlie my grandaughter having a nap!

My daughter Natalie
My daughter's partner James


  1. Oh, Linda....I can sooooo relate to this! So many times I remember having been upset with God because His answer was no, and obviously NOT the answer I wanted to hear. However, I know that God's no response, was because He had a blessing awaiting me that was far greater than ANYTHING I could have imagined in the first place!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful reminder!


  2. Linda, what a lovely writing! It's hard to take the 'no' answers, but the Lord truly does know best. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    Wow - Callum has grown too! Where did that baby boy go???? I cannot believe he's gotten that big!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Too bad you aren't in the states (where you belong) :-) You could celebrate the 4th with me. Love you Linda!

  3. Oh your grandchildren are adorable!! And this is definitely something I can relate to, as I have been "waiting" on something for almost 3 years now. Currently in a restructuring of times! :) I try to teach my children patience and I have many many opportunities to be a living example! (Though I don't always prove to be the best example!)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Dearest Linda, Love this poem and I so understand it-you see I've been praying and believing for a big something for 30+ yrs trusting our Lord for His answer.
    Loved seeing the photos of your grands as well as your daughter-she is beautiful-she looks so Irish/Scottish-simply stunning.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear one.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Truly, a beautiful writing! Thank you for posting it!!
    What a beautiful family :) Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. Hi Linda what a precious family you have.
    Your little granddaughter is so cute the way she sleeps. LOL!
    I loved the poem to. Have a great weekend!
    Here is a link to the Angel suncatchers I have.

  7. Dear Linda ~ What a lovely post! It is so true we need grace to patiently wait for the perfect timing of the LORD sometimes, don't we? Your grandchildren are beautiful! :)

    Have a lovely week!