Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Everything I Needed.

Today I am sharing an inspirational writing from my collection:

Everything I Needed

I asked for strength and God gave me difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve.

I asked for prosperity and God gave me brawn and brains to work.

I asked for courage and God gave me dangers to overcome.

I asked for patience and God placed me in a situation where I was forced to wait.

I asked for favours and God gave me opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted- I received everything I needed!

My prayers have all been answered!

Author Unknown

And I would like to share more photos of our beautiful English countryside:


These photos were taken on a day out walking in the countryside a few months ago. Even on a dull day the beauty shines!


  1. The photos are lovely Linda!!! The words you shared are wise!


  2. Simply gorgeous your photos are dear, and yeppers HE is all I need, hugs and blessings, Barbara

  3. Hi Linda Hope you're enjoying a wonderful day in the Lord! I really love the English countryside photos. I hope your summer is wonderful so far! enjoy! big hugs

  4. Hi Linda, your photos are always so pretty, I love the English countryside... and miss it :)
    Wishing you a blessed week dear friend. I emailed you earlier this week I hope you got it ok.

  5. I popped over from Ink Dots to visit. We live much nearer to each other! You certainly have an inspiring blog.

    Have a blessed day. xxx



  6. Oh such beauty to experience the presence of God!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I love to read the inspirations from others! I will be a follower, for sure.

  7. This is a great inspirational writing, Linda! Thanks for sharing! The pictures you posted are gorgeous! Looking forward to getting to know you. God bless!

  8. Oh the beauty shines. I love weeping willows and canals and rivers, and that house with a path leading to the water. I have a neat book with lots of photos of walking tours taken by C.S. Lewis in country that looks somewhat similar. Green!

  9. Hi Linda! This is one of my favorite writings. The Lord knows exact what we need, & our prayers are sometimes answered in a totally different way than what we had hoped for. Praise God, He is wise & all knowing!

    Love the photos of course. I really do wish we had taken more when we lived there.

    I guess you know now that Scrappin Blog have lost their backgrounds for now. This is why you see the white background here. Not sure when or if they will get them back.

    Have a lovely day Linda! Love you dearly.

  10. The photos are gorgeous! Great poem. xo

  11. Blessings Linda, Love this poem-have heard it before but it is such a good reminder. Also, love seeing your countryside-such beauty.
    Have a joyous weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  12. hmmmmmmmmmmm..oh thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us...they did my heart good right now.

  13. Very lovely pics ! Wonderful wisdom in the poem , He is so Gracious to us !

  14. I really needed to see this inpirational writing today. I've been mulling over the drudgery that we face in our lives, how God expects us to deal with it and how I too often stive for comfort when comfort isn't what I need at all. I am aiming to seek Christ not comfort. Comfort will come, but it won't be provided ultimately by the means I find in this weary old world. Glad I stopped by!

  15. What a thoughtful post Linda ~ how true those words are!! AND of course, your photos are GORGEOUS as always ~ you know that I *love* England! :)