Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It has been so long since I have posted. I have been busy supporting my daughter after the birth of her beautiful baby boy Taio James as Natalie has experienced a few problems since her delivery.I am so pleased to say that she is getting better now.Prayer is powerful!

I want to get around to visiting all the blogs I follow this week too.I have missed this so much. Now that I am back to work as a nurse following my surgery 10 months ago I feel tired after my shifts. Hoping that this too will re-adjust for me!!

I wanted to share a lovely poem today: It is called ABC'S byPeggie Bohanan

Assurance of salvation

Blessed hope of the church

Christian Faith

Divine providence of God

Everlasting life

Family of God

God's word

Holy Spirit

Intercessory prayer


Knowing Christ personally

Love of God


New life in Christ

Overwhelming Evidence of God in creation

Peace of God

Quiet stillness of God's presence


Trustworthiness of God

Undivided attention God gives His children

Victory in Jesus

Word of God

Xtravagant grace of God!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-and we we can sleep in heavenly peace because God is watching over us all!!

And sharing photos of my precious grandchildren who I simply love and adore. Children are a sweet blessing from the Lord. Baby Taio James is 3 days old in these photos.

This is a photo of Emily
Two photos of  Taio James age 3 days old

And a photo of my oldest daughter when she was a child age 4. She now has children of her own.

And a photo of Lauren and Charlie who resembles her mother in the above photo.



Emily and Lauren

Charlie and her Daddy Lee
Emily and Charlie


  1. They are beautiful! Congratulations on the newest edition! I'm glad your daughter is feeling better!

  2. Hi Linda, what gorgeous pics of your grandchildren. I'm glad to hear your daughter is getting better.

  3. Hey Linda, what precious photos of your grands, they are all dear and so cute, hope your day is going well, good to see you, hugs and blessings, Barbara

  4. What beautiful children! Congratulations!

  5. Being a grandma is one of the greatest privileges we have! Loved the poem...what a great reminder at how blessed we are!

  6. What GORGEOUS grandchildren Linda! So beautiful...all of them! I hadn't realised you had been blessed with so many! :)

    What a great poem with the ABC's of Christianity...well thought out. :)

    Blessings to you!
    In His Love,

  7. Really enjoyed the poem - and the grandkids are such cuties! LOVE those chubby cheeks on your precious newborn! Glad everyone is feeling better and healing - hope the days aheaad will bring even more....

    Always look forward to your updates.

  8. Hi Linda!! I loved the poem that you shared today. I haven't seen that one.

    You know I loved all the photos! Wow - how Kaylie has grown up! All the pics are so precious. You really do have beautiful Grands! I do have a question though - how in this world do you & I have Grands now, when we often talk about how we are 29??? :-)

    Love you Linda. Thank you so much for your support & encouragement during these rough weeks. Love you!

  9. Hi Linda!
    Beautiful photos of your are very blessed!
    I am so glad your daughter is doing better.

    Take care and have a wonderful week!
    love and hugs

  10. Hi Linda those are cute photos of your new grandson and family. I'm so sorry that your daughter had a difficult delivery I hope she is feeling well again and you adjust back to your job soon. I know what that is like since I to have been away from work for awhile and going back is hard. Have a great week sweets. Big hugs

  11. Just stopping in to say "hi" Linda. I've been by a few times and see that you've been absent from your blog a little while. I know you are busy! Trust you are okay! :)

    In Him,