Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I have not posted for such long time and I had hoped to get back into this!! After supporting my daughter as she recovered from her traumatic and long labour and delivery and with being back at work I have had little spare time. So here I am and will now catch up with the blogs I love to follow! Thank you Camille for your faithful following!
I wanted to share a devotion today By Roy Lessin and I really enjoyed this and hope you will too.

For every hectic day,God is your quiet rest,
For every painful experience,God is your healing touch,
For every disappointment,God is your certain hope,
For every turbulent storm,God is your calming peace,
For every hurtful action, God is your forgiving love.

What a wonderful and comforting thought that our Heavenly Father is always there and He can calm our storms,give us peace,heal our pain and give us rest through all those hectic times.

Have a great weekend and I would like to share some photos of my daughter Natalie's,James and baby Taio's trip to the Lake district over the past three days.



  1. Thank you for the wise words and beautiful photos of your family. It is good that you are here blogging again.

  2. What a beautiful reason you have for not blogging! I'm glad your are back and I hope to have more time to blog too! Thanks for stopping by my site! HUGS

  3. Hi Linda, Taio is so cute, love those big eyes.
    I am a grandma again too! God is good. Glad your daughter is feeling better. Hugs

  4. Dear Linda ~ I am so glad to see you are posting again, but I do understand the "hectic" pace of life at times! What a blessing you are to your daughter and her family...such a precious little boy you have there! He is so very sweet. These days are too precious to waste...enjoy all the snuggles. :)