Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Be Still

Today I was thinking about the following bible verses and about how we can identify with these so often in our own lives:
And when they had sent away the multitude,they took him even as he was in the ship.And there was also with him other little ships.

And there arose a great storm of wind,and the waves beat into the ship,so that it was now full.

And He was in the hinder part of the ship,asleep on a pillow:and they awake Him,and say unto Him,Master,carest thou not that we perish?

And He arose,and rebuked the wind,and said unto the sea,Peace,be still.And the wind ceased,and there was great calm.   Mark 4 36-39
These men were experienced fishermen but they were not able to stop the storm. The disciples woke Jesus because they feared for their lives and were frightened. They did not what to do or which way to turn.They turned to the Master when they were completely in a panic! It was only when they got to this point frightened and feeling alone that they turned to Jesus for help.

How often we are like this too? Oh so many times! We face our storms and trials and let that wind blow and shake foundations but still we try to handle all of this alone! These storms come into our lives quickly and without warning and we struggle with them. We carry on trying to manage and get our way through them. It is only when we realise that we cannot cope any longer, when the next crisis hits us and we get a storm on a storm that we turn to Jesus for help. We realise we have not included Him in our plans or prayed without ceasing in faith when we first hit the storm. Our relationship with Jesus must be a constant one. He is not just there to get us out of our latest problem or crisis! He wants to have fellowship with us and a constant conversation
When Jesus rebuked the storm it ceased immediately. Peace and stillness came. We too can have this peace if we give our problems over to Him when we first encounter them. We must learn to hear His still,small voice as He leads us around and out of our storms. How wonderful and comforting is this?!
I would like to share some photos: These were taken on a trip to the Lake District last week. James was celebrating his birthday.




  1. Yep, that is me....panicked at every storm. I wonder if I will ever learn to let go and let Jesus lead me....
    Great pictures...what a beautiful baby!

  2. What a precious those photos!

  3. Hi Linda...I have always loved that portion of many lessons to be learned from it. Now if we can only apply it to our lives! I really did need to read this today...such a blessing!

    Taio is so beautiful! James & Nats must be so over the moon. I know they will be wonderful parents. Will he ever get to visit the USA??? :-)

    Love you Linda. Thank you for many, many years of a special faithful friendship. Hugs!

  4. Hey Linda! What a great post! Thanks for the reminder to rest in the arms of Jesus and not to panic cause He has it all under control!

    Love the beautiful photos too! I especially liked the one where Daddy is holding his birthday cake and the baby! That is just precious!


  5. Dear Linda ~ How blessed we are to belong to our wonderful Saviour! I *love* the story from the Bible that you refer to...the LORD knows what we need before we even ask...oh that we would just trust and rest in HIM! The disciples were in a panic, but had no need to be...such a picture of us fluttering about when all the while HE is in complete and Sovereign control!

    On another note...your grandbaby is beautiful and the photos you have been taking are wonderful treasures. Enjoy these days to the full! :)

    Blessings to you!
    In Him,

  6. Hi Linda, Loved this post and so related to it. Back in Jan. the Lord gave me a word for this year and it was TRUST which is what I've had to learn to do because I'm facing some serious health issues. However, I'm relying on the Lord to heal me completely.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen